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Due to the increasingly large amounts of submissions that we are getting everyday, e1n and I, cartoongirl7, have come up with a set of rules and important points regarding member submissions.

Most of it is going smoothly so far, however, some issues do need to be readdressed. I know it's a ridiculously long wall of text, but please try to read through this sometime to get a full understanding of our submission system before you actually start submitting.

:bulletred: We accept ANY marker artist and/or appreciator.There is no restriction in membership. HOWEVER, we do have a system of quality check that we apply to every submission. So just because you are a member of the club does not mean that your submission will automatically make it into the group gallery.  Submissions are judged mainly on the quality of coloring, but if your anatomy and composition does not meet our relatively lenient standards, then your submission will most likely be declined. In order to avoid flooding everyone's inboxes with hundreds of club deviation updates, we have to turn down around 50-60% of the total submissions.

:bulletred: Submissions are accepted / declined based on the number of votes from admins. If a submission is declined, that simply means more admins voted NO than YES. We're not looking to only accepting great illustrations, but they do have to pass some sort of quality check, as the members' gallery serves as a place to represent some of the best artworks of this club.

:bulletred: Which submissions we accept/decline: It's hard to specify the exact points we look for to deem whether a submission should be accepted, but in general, we are looking for submissions that are:

1. Good quality in terms of coloring (colors aren't seeping out of lines)

2. Looks complete. Does not necessarily mean that the entire page has to be filled with colors, but if there's a whole lot of white space that serves no purpose whatsoever, then it may not look like a finished piece of art.

3. Is almost completely done with markers. This is a marker group, therefore we will usually turn down submissions containing too much digital elements.

Of course, these criterion are not set in stone. This is just a very general guideline of what admins look for in submissions during the voting process.

:bulletred: ONLY ONE SUBMISSION PER WEEK IS ALLOWED. Do not migrate your entire gallery into the club. If you accidentally submit more than one in a week, please withdraw the extras.

:bulletred: PLEASE DO NOT RESUBMIT WHAT HAS ALREADY BEEN DECLINED ONCE. There is no point for you to do this because it will just get declined again. Instead, please work on a new piece that is better and submit that one instead.

:bulletred: Due to the massive amount of submissions coming in every day, admins may often decline something without leaving a comment explaining why. We assure you that none of our contributors hold any grudge against any of you or your art. We judge YES or NO solely based on the quality of the picture. As much as we'd like to to satisfy everyone, the majority of admins have a busy life outside of deviantART as a full time student or worker and for that reason, often we simply cannot find the time to leave personal feedback for every single submission. You may comment back (and please do try and be polite) on your declined submission if you wish to know why, and an admin or two will most likely respond with their reasons. Please refrain from whining, complaining, and/or spamming us out of displease because your submission was declined. Also, we have a very limited amount of admins relative to the amount of members, so we have to ask for your patience. Again, if it's declined, unfortunately that means it does not meet the group's quality standard. Please do not be too discouraged, instead, try to improve and create better artworks!   

That is all for now! We will be planning club events, critique weeks, and monthly features for the near future.
Thank you for your cooperation, and enjoy the club! :dummy:

Admins of MarkerMania
EDIT: We are back and at it again! We've taken care of all the membership requests that have piled up in the past week.
Thanks for the patience!

The co-founder and I are the ones who accept or reject memberships, and we will be away this week. All membership requests within the next five days will be answered when we get back!

Just a heads up so that new deviants who are requesting to join this club won't think we're ignoring them ;D

The rest of the admins will still be around, so gallery submissions will not be interrupted by our leave. Feel free to keep on submitting, but please keep in mind the one deviation per week limit.

Thanks for your patience, and see you next week! :dummy:
cartoongirl7 & e1n
Club rules and info are now up on the club profile page! Members, please go read through them so you know how the submissions work :la:

Happy new year, everyone!
I will officially announce this group in my journal and start sending out contributor invites once I get the group profile page all set up C8

Everyone is free to join! But please do not submit any art to the gallery before I finish setting up this group. Thank you!


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